On-Location Photography - 361Wild


The ultimate in bespoke bird of prey photography, our on-location, bespoke sessions can give you the opportunity to capture something special!

We have prepared a few different ‘packages’ but are fully open to discussion allowing you to achieve the perfect shot...

We can fly our hawk through forests having them up high with the canopy as a background of flying low along the freshly dropped autumn leaves either onto perches, branches or onto quarry (not live caught) for the ultimate ‘attack shot’, we are able to repeat this with different birds as well as a few times with the same bird allowing you a good chance of obtaining your shot.

This can also be achieved with our barn owls quartering fields, flying alone hedgerows and finally hovering then pouncing on naturally coloured mice (not live caught) simulating the catching of a vole - again we can repeat this a few times to allow you the most opportunities on the day.

We are able to fly all of our birds at off site locations, so long as we are able to obtain land owners permission and the area is suitable for the flying you require.

The best way to get details about these sorts of day would be to contact us and talk about your ideas.