Photography Days - 361Wild

£110 per person, maximum 8 per group

Staff from 361° Photography will give you formal tuition about camera set-up and technique to help you get the most out of your day with the birds. Subjects such as composition, auto-focus settings, panning, use of manual exposure will be included.

The aim is to give you a toolkit of techniques that will serve you well with falconry and beyond. We will continue to support you during the time with the birds, giving advice and being on-hand to answer questions.

After tuition you will be guided to the flying fields where the staff and birds of Fens Falconry will present an eclectic array of flying styles and scenarios designed to allow you to practice the skills you have learnt and enable you to make the most out of the fleeting glances you are likely to encounter if photographing wild birds.

All of the birds are free flying in a natural style and will include:

- various falcons pursuing a swung lures as well as up to a lure suspended from a kite (wind permitting)

- buzzards and hawks gliding and soaring using trees to perch in

kestrels hovering as well as eagles and owls providing some impressive images.

- a Barn Owl pouncing on naturally coloured mice, free of falconry equipment

- a Peregrine Falcon flying and then feeding on natural quarry (not live caught) without falconry equipment

- one of our Buzzards soaring and gliding once again without falconry equipment.

Interspersed within these flying sessions there will be opportunities for static portrait shots of these and other species of birds - for these we use natural looking perches and disguise our falconry equipment as much as possible.

Lunch and drinks are provided on all our experience days and spectators are welcome and charged at an additional £12 for adults, £8 for under 14's including lunch and refreshments, otherwise £8 for adults and £4 for under 14's. Under 5's are admitted free but the days aren't really suited to young children.

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